ETF Insight

10 Apr: Little Doubt (TWTW – Apr 5-9, 2021)

Little Doubt (TWTW – April 5-9, 2021)   Blow out March 2021 Payroll and TESLA delivery numbers kicked off this past week on a positive note. These, however, did nothing to help Credit Suisse, which announced the damage sustained in that whole Archegos margin call episode. And that, well, isn’t…

28 Mar: One Year Later (TWTW – Mar 22-26, 2021)

One Year later – Markets bottomed March 23, 2020, after the fastest and most brutal Bear markets from highs reached barely a month prior, at the hands of a pandemic forcing total shutdowns across economies worldwide. Is this week’s Suez Canal saga – clogging world trade – a good illustration…

14 Mar: Memo from the ETF frontlines (TWTW Mar 8-12, 2021)

I suggest the following to you: How about while it is certainly no guarantee of future returns, it could in fact be a meaningful marker of what you might well want to pay attention to. +, well, when we consider “momentum” based strategies … isn’t the underlying principle that what has momentum (aka has been shown to work …) might continue to move in the direction it is already headed in until … well it stops. ERGO – I pay attention to past performance for what could be “signals” or “markers”.