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Our friend and colleague Hugh Murphy

The Credo family is sad to announce the passing of Hugh Murphy. Hugh was diagnosed with brain cancer in the fall of 2018. After a brave fight, he lost the battle on Thursday, July 2, 2020. Hugh took over Credo Consulting in January 2007. He was well known both in the financial community as well…

Men and women differ in how they manage their finances

Men and women differ in how they manage their finances: Women are more than twice as likely than men to respond that they receive advice from a friend or a family member who is not a financial professional. Men are 7.7% more likely than women to report that they manage their own finances without the…

Men more likely to verify financial advice

Men are more likely to do research on their own finances than women  Women are 11% less likely to conduct their own research to validate their financial advisor’s recommendations. Men are almost twice more likely to do their own finances without an advisor than women.