Brand Benchmarks for Asset Managers

This is Credo’s flagship brand measurement and benchmarking research study. On an annual basis, Credo surveys more than 1500 financial advisors, asking them to rate the various companies with which they work on a host of dimensions that predict advisor loyalty. credo supplements its quantitative study with qualitative research by conducting at least a dozen focus groups with advisors during December and June each year.

Credo’s clients are welcome to attend our qualitative focus group sessions. during these sessions, we ask advisors to explain the reasons that they support various companies. We also ask them to explain the reasons they are sweeping some suppliers off of their product shelves. We ask them to offer detailed accounts of their experiences with the companies that they’re familiar with. Advisors qualitative explanations of their experiences with suppliers are extremely helpful in informing the quantitative component of this annual study.

The quantitative component of the study benchmarks the credibility of competitors in the asset management space. It examines the clarity of messaging that these competitors have and it reviews the consistency and congruence of the various messages that competitors are delivering in the marketplace. Ultimately, the study establishes benchmarks with respect to the quality, the comfort and the convenience that each competitor in the marketplace delivers to advisors.

By measuring these important drivers of support on a regular basis, companies are able to more effectively manage advisors’ perceptions of their brand.