Creating Value for Advisors – Tapping Into Their Intrinsic Motivations

Credo’s monthly marketing bulletins are 4-page executive briefs. Each bulletin is a tight synthesis of information along with insights about what the subject means to your business. Credo relies on a combination of qualitative research, quantitative research and desk research to produce these briefs and each is designed to focus the executive’s attention on an important marketing matter.

What keeps an advisor engaged with their business is a key to relating to the advisor. Credo’s research reveals the value that advisors place on relationships and the flexibility that is afforded by their business models. A host of other factors also underpin an advisor’s interest in being an advisor. This bulletin will encapsulate the root causes of advisors’ interests. Understanding these keys – and knowing how to use them – will help you better connect with your clients and maintain a loyal group of supporters.

Understanding what advisors love about their jobs – that which motivates them intrinsically – provides you with leverage for building connections between advisors and your brand. In recent Credo qualitative research exercises, Credo asked advisors to identify the things that they enjoyed most about their roles as financial advisors. We wanted to learn about the things that are behind an advisor’s motivation to deliver financial advice.

What we noticed was that three principal themes presented themselves. These themes revolved around:

  1. Relationships,
  2. Independence; and,
  3. Intellectual Challenge.