Understanding Canadian Advisors’ Nightmares

Understanding advisor “likes” and “dislikes” is essential to developing constructive relationships with advisors. These relationships are instrumental in maintaining loyalty and support. While identifying what appeals to advisors can help you deliver service that adds value, understanding advisors’ many points of pain can be even more valuable in developing long-term relationships – eliminating dislikes adds value, too!

This bulletin focuses on what advisors hate and what they would off-load if they could. Understanding the advisors’ dislikes will help you tailor tactical initiatives. It will make the choice to work with your company relatively more attractive than working with competitors.

In Credo’s recent qualitative sessions we asked advisors to discuss the things that keep them up at night – the thing that they really do not like about being a financial advisor. This bulletin will help you appreciate the advisor’s plight and it will help you develop approaches that will enable you to better support and relate to your customers. the voice of customer will guide you to better sale and marketing success.