Credo Consulting Anniversary

It has been a year since our team, Brandon Bertelsen, Yves Rebetez, and I took the helm at Credo Consulting.
When we took over from Hugh Murphy in January 2020, no one saw what was coming our way then, not regarding the pandemic we’ve now spent the better part of the last 12 months with, nor the fact that Hugh was to ultimately – last July – lose a fight for his life.  A fight Hugh had been valiantly waging since the fall of 2018. We miss him – our thoughts are with his family and friends, and we thank all of you who reached out to pay respect and recount war stories involving Hugh.

Today, we seek to continue building on Hugh’s work and the legacy of passion for the financial services sector, advisors and investors he brought to CREDO.  In our view, Hugh’s work and vision are perhaps more relevant now than ever:  it remains of paramount importance to regularly take the temperature from both advisors and investors in order for product manufacturers to ensure they are addressing and meeting their needs, the needs of Canadians.

In a couple of months, we will once again be asking 1000 advisors how they feel about financial brands, and their willingness to continue to support them by keeping your products on their shelf. No one wishes to experience the kind of stress test we were all subjected to – that said, Advisors, clients, and financial intermediaries stepped up to the plate, and many successes were achieved, respectively hurdles overcome. Lessons from these can be learned, much as any shortcomings or failures can be looked at with worthwhile lessons drawn to avoid costly or consequential mistakes.

If you are an investment advisor – when Credo reaches out to you for feedback, your voice is important, so we hope that you take 20 minutes of your time to fill in the survey. We appreciate it – thank you in advance.

If you are a product manufacturer – hindsight is not a strategy.  You need to know how advisors feel about your brand before you see it in your sales reports. A key takeaway of CREDO’s brand analytics framework is that firms seeking to control their brand’s perception and addressing concerns highlighted by Advisors can better control their future.

Feel free to reach out if you have comments or Credo can help you.