The Credo Brand Benchmarking Study – Quantitative Analysis

Credo’s flagship research program studies asset managers’ brands in the minds of financial advisors. It combines qualitative and quantitative research to pull marketing executives out of an ivory tower and deliver them the reality of Canada’s financial advisors’ perceptions and expectations. Subscribers to this research have the opportunity to attend focus groups where Credo asks advisors about their experiences with companies that they work with, their outlook for the future and about what motivates them. The focus group sessions inform the statistical benchmarks that we track, year over year. Subscribers to our brand benchmarking research have access to the analysis of our quantitative survey data as well.

In our mid-year qualitative sessions Credo will explore advisors’ outlooks with respect to their practices and their clients’ wants/needs. We will examine advisors’ views about the kinds of products and solutions that are being delivered by their trusted suppliers. Credo will again invite clients to observe advisors as they discuss the issues that matter most to them. Clients will enjoy dinner in our observation gallery while Credo facilitates discussion among groups of MFDA and IIROC advisors. Credo’s clients are afforded the opportunity to network and participate in a discussion about the evolving financial advisor business in Canada.