Canadian Advisor Websites — Benchmarking

Credo’s advanced research studies are designed to offer clients insight and perspective that will help them make both strategic and tactical decisions. Each study includes an executive summary along with key findings and recommendations. Credo’s advanced studies are characterized by having numerous chapters that address complex subject matter. Topics are chosen based on discussions with clients and their expressions of interest.
The internet is a critical medium by which companies reach clients. Companies are doing their utmost to leverage their web presence into deeper relationships. These efforts, however, need to be managed both effectively and carefully. Developed in conjunction with our research partner Waterloo Security Ltd., this report will identify some of the new risks that companies face as they become increasingly reliant on their website as a brand touch-point. Nigerian Fraudsters and the Russian Business Network are creating issues that simply wouldn’t have existed three years ago. And, without appropriate management, a company’s web-presence – one of its principal, new branding tools – could actually become one of the marketing and communication team’s worst nightmares. This report will help you understand the risks. It will help you ensure that your investment in internet presence is constructive rather than destructive.