Canadian Marketing Effectiveness — Connecting with Advisors

Credo’s advanced research studies are designed to offer clients insight and perspective that will help them make both strategic and tactical decisions. Each study includes an executive summary along with key findings and recommendations. Credo’s advanced studies are characterized by having numerous chapters that address complex subject matter. Topics are chosen based on discussions with clients and their expressions of interest.

Combine the insights derived from countless advisor focus groups with the results of one of the largest ongoing advisor surveys and what is the result? Valuable perspective on how companies can connect effectively with Canada’s financial advisors. This study focuses on helping asset managers understand what they are doing well and where they are falling short in the minds of Canadian financial advisors. It explains the reasons behind the positions of Canada’s major asset managers’ brands based on Credo’s statistical brand benchmarking. It also examines some of the marketing campaigns that have proven successful and highlights trends in sales and marketing initiatives that promise to generate competitive advantage for leading edge asset managers, regardless of their size. This study will clearly reveal the importance of critical marketing dimensions with specific reference to key marketplace competitors.