Establishing Competitive Compensation Models for Key Sales and Marketing Roles

The Canadian perspective on the US study “Remaking the Model for Mutual fund Distribution”. This whitepaper confirms or contrasts the various identified US trends within the context of the Canadian market from input for interviews with Canadian fund companies and distributors.

This Credo whitepaper is only available in combination with the FRC study.

Remaking the Model for Mutual Fund Distribution

A Comprehensive Examination of the Trends Shaping Mutual Fund Distribution


Market upheaval and a changed regulatory atmosphere have altered how and what advisors sell. To help fund manufacturers assess and adapt their sales organizations and product lines to this new environment, FRC addresses four key drivers to successful product distribution. The study is complemented by a whitepaper by Credo Consulting Inc. that confirms and contrasts these key trends in the Canadian marketplace.

Industry Economics Under Pressure

Understand how significant changes to revenue-sharing, and new disclosure requirements will affect both asset managers and product distributors.

The New Environment for Advisors

Gain insight into how advisors and their firms will manage their businesses and their client relationships — and how that affects fund companies.

Challenging Traditional Fund Products andamp; Pricing

Learn how altered economics will force manufacturers to adapt their product offerings and pricing, and which alternatives are most likely to challenge traditional fund sales.

Managing and Measuring the Wholesaler

Compressed margins and the need to operate more carefully and efficiently are major catalysts for sales organizations to modify how they allocate wholesalers and other resources.

This research study on the financial, product and organizational trends that FRC expects will shape the future of the mutual fund distribution is the result of extensive interviews with a wide spectrum of industry leaders, including fund manufacturers, and major distributors in both the US and Canada.