Credo’s Sales Experience Audit (SEA) program measures the experiences delivered by the wholesalers who represent financial product manufacturers to personal financial advisors.  It is an ongoing mystery shopping program where financial advisors across the country assess the quality of experiences they have with their wholesalers.  Because they rate their wholesaler immediately after their meeting, their recollection is sharp and clear.  As a result, the notes they make about the content wholesalers are delivering properly reflects the messages that are being left behind.

Feedback is collected at the individual wholesaler level as advisors are asked to score each and every wholesaler interaction they have.  These ratings enable Credo to produce report cards for individual wholesalers of for wholesalers as a team.  In either case, the data provide context by comparison wholesalers to their competition within a given sales territory.

The results from this ongoing study are available for purchase by sales team managers or to individual wholesalers.

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