ETFs trading for MFDA Advisors – It’s here, It’s easy, It’s the future!

Rocky Ieraci, Sterling VP, Marketing / Business Development, joined us last Thursday to take us through his firm’s “OneBoss” technology solution, which …

very much to me looks like it’s ready for PRIME TIME!

Click on the picture below to tune into Rocky’s presentation, and the discussion overall.

And with that … once you as an MFDA Advisor have completed the required test(s) / are meeting ETFs related additional education requirements, etc, you are ready to go. Chose an ETF, enter your order (always with a limit, as noted by Rocky), and watch your trade being executed quasi-instantaneously 🙂

(providing your limit of course was “hit” aka if you are buying, your limit should be at the offer; if selling at the bid, as anything outside of that may result in the trade not being executed until the bid and ask have move to what your limit is).

Thank you Rocky, for taking the time to show us what “OneBoss” can do for Advisors and their clients!