Canadian Mutual Fund Analyst, (CMFA) is a suite of monthly reports focussed on domestic mutual fund demand and more recently ETF demand. Founded by former Bay Street Chief Economist and debt market strategist Frank Hracs, in 2004, the intention has been to provide a visual analytic perspective on demand trends in the mutual fund industry based on official Investment Funds Institute of Canada data. Trends are presented on a seasonally adjusted basis in order to most quickly identify demand turning points at the industry level and category level. In 2007, CMFA partnered with Credo Consulting to maximise its benefit to the domestic financial services industry.

The advent of Exchange Traded Funds was monitored along the way by CMFA and as “critical mass” became obvious, monthly ETF demand reports were launched in 2011 with short term demand forecasts implemented soon thereafter. Our ETF analytics provide long term visuals on all aspects of demand history by category and company which greatly enhance our interpretations of monthly demand developments. In an era when marketing hyperbole regarding ETFs is the norm, we prefer to let the data speak for itself.