Credo’s Sales Experience Audit (SEA) program measures the experience delivered by the wholesalers who represent financial product manufacturers to personal financial advisors.  It is an ongoing mystery shopping program where financial advisors across the country assess the quality of experiences they have with their wholesalers.  Because they rate their wholesaler immediately after their meeting, their recollection is sharp.  As a result, the notes and feedback they offer about the content wholesalers are delivering properly reflect the messages and impressions that are being left behind.

Already a Participant?

FAQ For Advisors

How do I participate in the SEA program?

Click on the large blue button, above, that says “Become a Participant.”  You will complete a short form and then you’ll receive an eMail that provides your unique Credo ID number. After that, whenever you’ve met with a wholesaler, complete a Credo SEA Survey… and you’ll be credited for doing so!  Simple as that.

How do I complete a SEA Survey?

As an advisor, when you joined the program, we ask you to identify the timing of your next wholesaler meeting.  We also asked about the frequency with which you would like us to remind you to complete SEA Audit surveys. Based on your answers, we’ll regularly send you reminder emails with a link to the SEA Audit survey.  Click on the link in the eMail and you’re off to the races.

If you lose, or miss an email, you can always log into the SEA Notes Application using three identifying pieces of info: (1) your email address, (2) your postal code and (3) your Credo ID number.

Help, I don’t know my CredoID?

When you originally joined the program, you were sent an email that contains your Credo ID.  Don’t worry if you’ve deleted it, though.  Contact Charles Fursman by phone at 905-919-1925 or by email  He can look it up for you!

How do I complete a SEA Survey for an impromptu meeting?

Using the link provided in a previous email or the “Add SEA response” link in the left hand navigation of the SEA Notes Application.

How do I review notes about my meetings?

You can review the notes you have taken during wholesaler meetings by using the SEA Notes Application.

How do I schedule a reminder?

You can schedule a reminder or update your reminder settings in the left hand navigation of the Sea Notes Application.