Brand Personality Research

People easily and regularly ascribe personality traits to brands – it’s called anthropomorphism. Your company’s brand has a personality profile, whether you’ve designed, crafted and managed it formally or it has evolved and developed without structured guidance.

Consider, for instance, the brand personality profiles of two of Canada’s leading financial product manufacturers.  Exhibit 1 shows Fidelity in blue and Manulife in green.  It shows, generally, that Fidelity is ascribes much more personality than Manulife in many respects.

Exhibit 1. Comparing Fidelity’s and Manulife’s brand personalities in Canadian financial advisors’ minds.

Credo measures brand personality. In fact, we’ve built the Brand Personality Spectrometer specifically for this purpose.

Customized BP Exercises

We conduct customized brand personality exercises, but we also integrate Credo’s brand personality profile framework into many of our studies.  Credo study’s the relationship between: (1) the ascription of various brand personality traits and, (2) customers’ willingness to purchase from your brand.

Credo uses personality measurement in ad testing, too. Your company has a campaign planned and you want to know if this campaign will contribute to your brand’s personality in a constructive manner or if it may compromise your brand. We have respondents offer a brand personality evaluation BEFORE seeing the campaign and again AFTER seeing your ads.  A comparison between the pre- and post-tests reveals the potential for success or failure with an ad campaign.

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