Customer Satisfaction

In its most simple form, satisfaction is the voice of the customer matters. Credo helps countless companies collect their customers’ perspectives; we collect customer satisfaction data and we can help make sense of this data. Whether it’s a one-question survey or a longer exercise, Credo can help you learn about your clients’ interests by listening carefully to your customers.

We can help you become truly client-centric. We help you by producing insights from measurement for management.

Simple satisfaction is just a little bit out of vogue these days. Of more interest to marketers, these days, are the idea of brand engagement and brand advocacy. How do you capture and distill the essence of those experiences that make a client want to tell others that yours is unquestionably the company that they are looking for. How do you take that essence to others within your company and how do you make them drink the koolaid?

A drivers analysis is your next step. It’s one thing to know clients are satisfied (or that they aren’t satisfied). It’s another thing to know what’s behind their feelings of satisfaction. What is driving the engagement, advocacy and satisfaction of your clients? This is where we begin entering the realm of the net promoter score or NPS.

Focus on the tails of the distribution. When you’ve asked a customer to rate their experience — between 0 for a terrible experience and 10 for the best possible experience — then look far more deeply at those few customers who offered the highest ratings as well as those few customers who offered really poor ratings. These are “the tails of the distribution.” These are the people who had moments of truth and who experienced either the delight of your company delivering just what they needed or the disappointment of your company’s absolute failure. In either case, by exploring the experiences of customers who represent the tails of the distribution, Credo will mine the gold that you may then use to:

  • Better engage your employees and other team members
  • Cultivate new brand advocates within your client base
  • Guide new and constructive business practices