Prepare to improve your connections.
Prepare to improve your relationships.
Prepare to improve your business.
CredoConnect helps investors connect with advisors who fit for them and it helps advisors connect with suppliers who are constructive for their business.

How? It begins with our research!

To connect investors with advisors, we interview investors and understand them holistically.  This enables us to look for advisors who might fit well for each investor we interview.  We also interview advisors in order to understand their nature and experience; their philosophy, their service model …how they work and who fits well with them.  By developing an understanding of both individual investors and individual advisors, Credo can guide the advisors and investors we work with in an effort to optimize the fit between the two.

In a similar vein, when we understand an advisor and how they want to tailor their business — either for growth, stability or succession planning — we’re able to connect that advisor with suppliers who can offer the elements of value that the advisor needs.  We know Canada’s wholesalers and financial product manufacturers.  And, rather than having an advisor waste their time with sales people, we work to connect advisors with the people and companies that will offer them the greatest value for their time.

What’s the Cost?

That depends who you are!

If you’re a financial product manufacturer, participation in CredoConnect will cost $55k per year plus a portion of the shared cost of Credo’s travel expenses and the time your sales and marketing executives spend helping us understand your value proposition.

If you’re an advisor… the cost is either $299/year or nothing… depending on which you prefer.  Oh… and if you choose the nothing option, then expect to spend one hour per quarter involved in Credo research.  Truth be told, while we’re happy to take your $299… we would prefer for you to be involved in our research.  The financial product manufacturers feel the same way, too.  We need advisors to be willing to be involved in Credo research in order to serve the industry well.

If you’re an investor… the process costs you nothing.  In fact, the whole system is set up to create value for you! Complete our short surveys and interviews and you’ll receive customized report cards that help you better understand yourself and that help you relate to financial advisors who can help you plan a pathway to success — both financial success and personal success.


More about CredoConnect

CredoConnect is an innovative new service from Credo Consulting.  It facilitates critical connections in the wealth management industry.  It creates value for three key stakeholder groups:

  1. Investors (==> try the InvestorConnect Quiz)
  2. Financial Advisors
  3. Financial Product Manufacturers
The entire wealth management industry benefits from better connections between these groups.  As they better understand one another and as they better understand themselves, they become stronger and more able to deal with the complexities of the current personal wealth management environment.  CredoConnect facilitates the establishment of connections and improves understanding within the system of stakeholders.
For more information about CredoConnect call and speak with Credo’s president, Hugh Murphy at 905.919.1926