Supply chai … Christmas (TWTW Oct 18-22, 2021)

Supply chai … Christmas (TWTW Oct 18-22, 2021)

Soooo … ESG or not … Christmas, of course, is still … a THING.

And, lately, if you have been paying any attention, well, we’ve gone through quite an exercise in disruption with COVID-19.

And soo … the latest seems to suggest that the shortage of chips (Semi-conductors) that has notably affected the car industry (causing plant shutdowns, changes to features in some models, respectively a significant spike in second hand car prices …) looks to now be threatening us all with the prospect of less than adequately stocked shelves, when we shop for Christmas …

Hmmm… transitory … whatever … yet again something which … unless I don’t understand the laws of supply and demand, could put upward pressure on prices (No?)

Oh well. Will Halloween be a test of sort for this premise? Probably not enough of one.

In the meantime, another decent week:




  • Downgrades no the street re: CN Rail, on latest price increase now translating into full valuation potential being reached according to some analysts – notably RBC, with the analyst there now favoring CP Rail
  • Interesting feud playing out at Rogers Communication … butt dial and all … High drama …
  • Tesla raising prices on a couple of models … after this past week report results that blew past expectations … Price increases = … positive boost on profitability = … share price will continue to move … (Higher?)

Coming up this week:

I have had the privilege of tuning in already to some of the sessions, and spoken to most of our presenters and panelists, and there is LOTS THERE NOT TO BE MISSED!

Looking forward to MANY dynamic panel sessions, insightful and educational presentations, and YOUR ENGAGEMENT!

Please do not miss this (EVEN if … ok it will be available for postview etc)

in case you haven’t seen this yet, here is what to look forward to: