Research Director:

Brandon began his career in marketing research in 2006 as a project manager with Ipsos. He initially managed research projects for clients like Visa, Labatts, The Government of Ontario and numerous others. A year later, he was promoted to a client facing role as a research associate working with clients like General Motors. In 2008, Brandon joined Credo as a consultant, working remotely as he travelled extensively throughout Europe.

In 2010, Brandon returned to Canada and was immediately brought into Credo’s fold as a full-time Research Manager where he has flourished and become not only an insightful researcher with niche expertise in the financial services area, but also an avid proponent of integrating technology with our business process. Brandon designs and implements research and analytical projects using a combination of the statistical programming language R and Python based web-development.

Brandon has a BComm in Economics and Management Science from Ryerson University. When not otherwise engaged in Credo’s business, Brandon spends nearly all of his time on continuing education, tinkering with technology and furthering his personal goal of becoming a polyglot. He also enjoys volunteering as a math and science tutor with Pathways to Education.